Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Understanding Meditation Part 3

There are 3 tools you can use to "strengthen" your downloads.... Imagination, white light(or gold white light) and visualization.. We are very unique human beings ...not one person's imagination is remotely close to another person's don't feel like you are "failing" when you visualize something and it does not look or feel like "society" tells you it must look or feel like.. Once you have "cleared the mind" of all thoughts it's time to switch on your imagination (imagination is more important than knowledge=Albert Einstein) Visualize the room or place you are sitting in(like you are putting on a virtual reality headset)... See yourself(like looking at yourself from somebody elses eyes) sitting there and breathing in and out..the more detail you can visualize, the better .. See all the air around you as "white light"(or gold white) you breathe in ...see this white light enter your nose(always breathe in via nose and breath out via mouth) fill your lungs and brain with white light...when you breathe out .. visualize black white smokey light excisting your body(the black smoke represents the impurity's that have been accumulated with impure thoughts(aka 7 deadly sin thoughts)...repeat this excersise over and over again(do NOT stop breathing in and out through nose and mouth...this is the NUMBER ONE rule to keep repeating) until all the black smoke has cleared out of the white light.... . 3
On a physical basis you are oxygenating your brain and body ...the blood vines inside your nose are so close to the cerface...oxygen goes straight into the blood system and gets Transported much more intensely as you are focused on Oxygenating the body...doing this repeat edly whilst switching off all thoughts will bring your body to a "naturally high" meditative state..and that is when your "downloads" are most potent...the white light is INFORMATION... exactly the same way that high speed internet fibre works!(there is literally no difference) So this is why people must think of "nothing" when meditating...all you doing is "taking your car to the mechanic shop for a service" you are Changing the oil, cleaning the filters and replacing the SPARK plugs... You are a computer that can download info from the Cosmos (like computers download from Internet)... because it is a new practice for you...see it like you are the first iPhone on the are big and bulky,your prossessesors are slow ,downloading is still like the early 90's ... The more you practice, you start upgrading your prossessesors and within 6 months to a year you will be iPhone 2 (depending on how much time and effort you put into your new practice ) It took Jesus 12 years(the story of Jesus the 18 years his not mentioned in the Bible) to develop from iPhone 1 to iPhone X to a point where he could touch people and heel them... Downloads come within 24- 48 hours to your consciousness (as a beginner) as you practice, these downloads reach your CONSCIOUSNESS faster and faster... Example..after you meditated for 15min(at 5am)you go back to wake up at 8 and go brush your you are looking yourself in the idea comes to mind...for example you have this incredible urge to call a friend that you have not spoken to in years...this is spirit nudging you to a path that he wants you to take you start taking this path(like calling your friend) more clues and synchronicities fall in your lap..and before you know it get a lucky break or awesome things happen to you that benefits your life... If bad things start happening to you this is spirit just telling you that whatever you where busy with before starting to was not the right path and spirit is nudging you to move out of that negative space.... We are so conditioned to worry and worry and spirit is just saying...Dude , chill out ..I got your back, I love you man, trust in my process , I'm going to get you out of this "unhappy life" of yours ...all I ask is that you keep connecting (meditate) with me and I will keep giving you downloads so that you keep making the right connections towards a happier life ..aka the path to your own "heaven on Earth"

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