Friday, June 3, 2016


​ Scheldon's journey is extremely spiritual...when his not busy with charity, his spending time with Yesoah and the Universe, meditating/praying every day at Sunrise and Sunset....the ideas that are published on his website (google "imilli") come from above. Weekly Scheldon accumulates information from above which gives him insight of future projects. God is his guide and Yesoah shows him the path on a daily basis... The seven deadly sins is the spiritual battle that he fights that has been created by an negative energy 300 000 years ago..Yesoah tried to warn us about this negative energy but they crucified him and then put a council together to create dogma in our Christian/Islam/Jewish believes. This negative energy has been ruling our planet and have brainwashed 95% of our world population by making them run after a piece of paper their entire lives...The world that they have created promotes the seven deadly sins.... Pride, sloth(laziness), warth, Gluttony(addiction), Lust, Greed, Envy.... We are at the tip of completely forgetting our spiritual selves....We are spiritual beings in human form just for 80 years(if you lucky) then you go back to spirit form....what you do on planet earth(planet of FREE will) will decide if you move on to a higher frequency as spirit or to a lower frequency as spirit.
Everything is cause and effect....for every action, there is a when you do a bad thing like "greed" by being unethical in business, then the effect of that is that there will always be issues that is associated with Greed. Money is the most common item that is associated with greed but greed can be might have a form of greed by being a player with woman...where you cant stop...there you are breaking 3 deadly sins in one go(greed,gluttony,lust) Now you will keep vibrating at that lower bad stuff will happen to you.... like say this person is super rich but because of his unethical practices he will be unhappy in other parts of his his wife and him are strangers and dont talk to each other..... because of sleeping round so much he gets an STD.....people in his company keep stealing from him, his got multiple court cases against on and so on.... Everything is cause and effect down to the minute detail of greeting someone....if you greet your first person of the day with A HUGE smile on your face and genuinely ask that person how they are....your entire day will start with a positive...the law of rythem and law of attraction kicks in and the more you are happy within yourself , the more positive energy you will attract. You as a spiritual being will start vibrating at a higher level which will bring happiness and fortune to you. All you have to do is respect God's one request "obey me" God is not a God of Fear and wrath as you have been lead to believe and been brain washed over a period of 2000 years ---that this negative energy doing its evil work and by doing that it has made religions on this planet fight each other, since the time Jesoah tried to warn us. On the spiritual calendar in the sky(the presession of the equinox) we moved from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius...the Mayans predicted it on 2012...many other ancient civilizations had their predictions and some say it started as early as the 60's.....the age of Aquarius started around the time when JFK gave his speech(1963). He was assassinated in that same week. In his speech, he exposes this dark energy and as president vowed to fight them so that we as humans could prosper. Our history has been tampered with in a colossal way to a point that they got 95% of all the spiritual beings on this planet to believe that our history was a world full of myth and nonsense believes.... If all humans new how to connect with their spiritual selves again, then we would live in a world that we see on movies like the avengers.....over 2000 years this evil force has managed to distract us by building an entire material world that 95% of all spiritual beings are being controlled by the 7 deadly sins. When you start living a life that every single religion preaches, then you as a spiritual being will start vibrating at a higher frequency. The instructions of every single religion is others before helping yourself, the kingdom of eternal life is within you as a spiritual being. This evil dark force has made everyone forget about their spiritual self.....its time to wake up humans. We have been, we are, we always will can not be destroyed, only transformed(Albert Einstein) Charity starts at home with a simple instruction from God..."be kind to each other" The awakening is coming....