Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The 911 truth

911 was an inside job.... Once again done by the same entity who crucified Yesoah and killed Kennedy... For the past 16 years(since 911) so many structural engineers (3000) have joined the 911 truth movement (after 18 years of exposing the truth ..they will finally get their day in court in 2019.. exciting year) ...For those that are uneducated about what a structural engineer does....well just look up and see your room or your house or any other structure... No imagine going to university and studying for several years how to build these and many other structures like skyscrapers... When you get your degree in structural engineers, you pretty much as good as a doctor but instead of using medical equipment you work with massive proportions of steel and other building material. New York is the mecca of skyscrapers...All structural engineers dream to have their work seen in New York. There are thousands of police, firefighters, eyewitnesses and victims who tell their story online...but once again.....just like they influenced the Bible and planted their own "dead sea scrolls" this Evil force upload their own BS stories(like flat earth theory) and also invented the word "conspiracy theory" so that the dumbed-down masses will not ask any further questions... I don't want to get into the 911 debate ...google 911 and you will find endless information about the truth but also a ton of BS info....use your common sense and don't just believe what you read....check it out...check references and educate yourself. We can take all of this info back to the biblical days as soon as you find out that most cooperate companies in the US today are owned by the tycoons of Israel... The twin towers..was owned by an Israelite( he took out a one billion dollar insurance on each tower a month before they were demolished), CNN- Owned by an Israelite, NBC news - owned by an Israelite and so on and so on. If you look at the map of the middle east today...every country except Saudi Arabia(their finance country) and Iran have been "liberated"... but soon they will go to war with Iran again...(did so in the 60's) The Israelites are expanding their territory, just like they have been doing since the old testament. Israel, the US government (not the people) and Saudi are in partnership to completely dominate the oil industry... They have been causing genocide for many years!!!! This evil force do not only consist of these greedy governments just mentioned...this evil force is muuuch bigger.

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