Monday, August 8, 2016

Its all bull

Another week another 3 blogs. We ended last week with you having 98 cents of the dollar you owed me because you paid me the 2% interest back for borrowing that dollar twice from me. So now you still owe me one dollar, you covered your interest please give me back my dollar? so you give me 98 still owe me 2 cents? can you see that since starting to use "my banking system" that you will always be in debt- there is no way you can get out of it, I am the only person that is benefiting from this system. I make the money, i am in charge. So this system is just making me more money and putting you in debt of ME!! Now this system is used across the globe..its flawed, rigged -BULLSHIT! some or other time in your life you will be in debt if not already...and if you are out of it- 10 of your neighbors are in it.
How many stories have you heard of dad's shooting their families and then themselves to find out that they had money problems? how many wars, how many robberies ? to get stuff to turn it into paper- useless paper that is not yours anyways- it belongs to the government and still need to pay interest on it. If we returned all the money back to the banks -not one sent laying anywhere ALL given back- the world would still be millions in debt- cause the interest accumulated since DAY ONE of this system still needs to be covered..there is no more paper to give them so what do we give now..well your car , your house, your clothes- the entire world and people will all be naked and have nothing and hopefully we covered all the interest- They own us-- is that right? Do you think this is the way our world should be like? Do you think this is the life that God Intended for us?

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