Wednesday, August 3, 2016

One Dollar

So I do not want to dwell too much on the Aholes behind the scene but I want to make you aware that they do exist - they control the US Government, Did you know that the federal reserve is not part of the government? It is a company, a business that makes money and charges interested on each bill that they make. I want to get into the money thing and move away from these bankers...Zeitgeist(google it but don't take it to serious with regards to their religious point of view) will give you a good insight on these evil doers, so start watching it but also remember that this guy who made these vision to make a better world is incredible but far-fetched for our time... first we need to awaken the entire planet, then get them to stand together before we can reach the ideal world of Peter Joseph( amazing vision though).. So once again...start digging deeper into the rabbit hole.
So back to the money thing...So imagine there was no money in the world..forget it all. I am the only bank and have one dollar. You would like to borrow that dollar from me to by a coke which cost one dollar. I am going to give you that dollar but charge 1% interest on it = 1 cent. So now its time for you to give me back one dollar and 1 sent but you don't have that. so you do decide to go work for the guy that sold you that coke for one day for the payment of 1 dollar, after 1 day - you give me back the dollar, but what about the 1 cent? There is no other money? I only take dollars or less but there is none? I, the bank, have the one dollar? soo where is my one sent? now you are in debt to me. So you get clever and borrow that dollar to pay back my interest but I charge 1% - so you give me 2 cents to cover the interest, now you have 98 cents.

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