Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The slap From GOD

So I have to say that I have been pretty elusive for the past 23 blogs because not once did I mention anything about meditating...Now another word or words for meditating is "to become familiar with" as seen on the Tibetan Symbol. I made a conscious decision to not mention anything about meditating because A....I do not want to scare people off in things that they do not believe in and B I am all about physical fitness and for me sitting quiet in a space for X amount of time is just a freaking waste of time...So I will actually have to tell you something about myself and not sure if I have done so already because of a horrible accident....5 weeks ago I toppled over and fell over a flight of stairs railing...The fall was so severe that it caused trauma to my head..I woke up from a coma 24 hours later in Hospital and remained in the hospital for another week...I was discharged and had no sense of balance and could not speak properly and was limited to staying in bed..needing help to go to the loo...Now as you can imagine for someone that has always been extremely sporty and active, this way of being was a very very hard time for me and even at one point I felt suicidal....There is so much more than added to this sensation but it is of no significance to what I am trying to get to in this blog...Long story short...I could not move or do any Physical exercise then(still struggling now) as I suffer from Vertigo and recently realized my short term memory span has also been affected. To keep myself distracted and to get some type of training I started looking into Meditation because it was the only thing that I could do in the limited space and movement that I could achieve...I realize now that it was the way of the universe(the slap from God) to awaken me....

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