Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Mind is Powerful

So as we can not believe without seeing and experiencing things, this is what we are going to in this blog today....Self healing is one "power" we all posses but because of centuries of keeping information from the "common people" this technique is lost to us but today you are going to learn a simple exercise to "wake up" this ancient technique inside of you...I am going to refer to a link for the first time...this is only going to save time...but once again...once you see this video..start watching the related video's and start doing exercise daily to train your dormant brain cells..wake 'em up! Soon you will be able to feel the "the Force" stronger and stronger..I started this exercise 5 days ago and have done it every day just for 3 min....but now I find myself when sitting around...instead of checking my phone for updates, I find myself just doing this exercise and I can clearly feel the difference since I started 5 days ago ...The sensation gets stronger and stronger the more you train
...just like going to the get stronger the more frequent you go...same with this exercise...there is no are training your brain -making those cells spark up and once they sparked up just need to keep going...consistency is key....Just dedicate yourself to do this exercise for 10 days and I will guarantee you ..the sensation will be so much stronger..This guy says that if you do it for 30 - 100 times, every day for 2 -3 min you will be able to start healing yourself...Now because I am on this new path of consciousness I am going to do this and have already started and IT IS definitely getting stronger...I have got nothing to lose to do this for the next year...If its BS I did not actually waste any of my time..because you can do this while sitting watching TV or just laying down(for 2 min) Because just "what if"??

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