Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Evil

These companies are feeding both sides of the war and so they make billions and billions -that goes straight back to Cooperate pockets. The oaks that own the federal reserve just made a billion plus getting paid interest on top of it! Who's laughing their freaking butts off?? The douches who own the Federal reserve private company, the companies making "the war weapons and bullets" and of course the US government elites...Surprise, surprise..most of these 3 entities are either blood related or have business and family ties that date back centuries and they all are part of the 'Secret societies"dating back as far as the roman empire...Basically like Mafia families..How do they work.?..well they family, they look after their own. Their own...they are scatterd across the globe and they all in on off the suffering of millions of people...Do you see how evil this is? They live off WAR and they have been murdering billions for over 223 years..Every war the dark force(AKA secret families, AKA the Elite, AKA the Illuminati, ) have put their foot into WAR buy creating a "false flag"(google it) 911 =false "pearl harbor false flag" -start seeing the truth!
Now we are going to get to the real juicy stuff and this is by far the most interesting part of this path we walking....The 64 million dollar question is ...Why? Why would anyone be so evil, How can people do this? Its freaking awful....Now here's is the real kicker...Remember I told you in my first blog that I am going to make a crazy prediction? "They are going to find evidence on Mars of previous civilization". have you recently noticed how they are focused on Mars? They sending little droids and spaceships and now they plan to send a whole colony to Mars...Hmmm intrigued? This rabbit whole is more warped and deep than you can ever imagine....They crazy part is ......I stepped onto this information because I fell from a flight of stairs and had a computer to keep me company while in recovery.

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