Monday, August 1, 2016

The truth

We are and have been controlled by a secret society that I like to call "The dark Source" The same entity that crucified Yesoah, is the same people that gave us the Bible, is the same people that assassinated JFK, is the same people that bomb billions of dollars of infrastructure to kill millions of people every day.... promoting a FEAR based reality. When Jesus was crucified the Christian uprising started and fought the Romans as much as they could but as the Roman empire grew, Christians were slaughtered like animals. After a century of fighting, the Romans realised that they were fighting a losing battle as Yesoah's spirit was and always was going to remain present. Soon they realised that they will have to change their strategy and in the year 325 they created the "council of Nasea" (google it) basically their priests brought together to start a Christian council. " If you can't beat them, join them" was the name of the game and over the next 700 years, Judaism(the Jewish high priests ) and Catholic (the Roman high priests)came together under the instructions of Emporer Constantine to create one religion...and use Jesus as their King Many Christians new of this evil take over.(the gnostics "knowlege of self" especially-they hid the secret teachings of Yesoah) That is why, to this day, many hidden scrolls are found(like the dead sea scrolls) in this time the Romans realised this and started hiding their own versions... So that once these scrolls where found it will cause confusion of what is true or not. A couple of centuries later more Roman influence occurred with rich families like Piso's and the Flavian's(google it) It is these people that started editing the bible...they started "doctoring" the Bible by bringing in "new versions" over and over again. Over a space of centuries..soon we would not know the difference between their traditions and our Yesoah. They created the word blasphemy so that you could not question the Bible and then said the Bible is the truth and the only truth...they created another word "Paganism" and cramped centuries and centuries and centuries of sacred, ancient scriptures that tell all about who we are and where we came from into that word....they created a "mindset" that the Bible was our only history book which does not resonate with millions of humans ...hence the rise of non believers.

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