Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Right now we are in the year 2016...we know now that one age = 2160 and when we look back 2000 years ago...it is safe to say that around that time we shifted from one age to another...= from the age of Aries(Moses) to the age of Pisces(Jesus) There where many many ancient civilizations on this planet before us...Micheal Tellinger (google him) is a researcher who has discovered ancient civilization artifacts( 10 million of it!) in Africa and travels the world to tell people about his research...it dates back 280 to 300 000 years!... It is insane information that will stop making you think like a robot and start snapping you out of the matrix and soon you will realize that, we the masses, are controlled by modern religion, politics and media and the education system.
Our planet is 4.5 billion years old, yet we are only educated from about 2000 years ago and they have brainwashed us by making history "boring" and if you want to know more you need to go get a degree in history or archeology...this is how they control us but we are in the age of information and we do not have to follow their controlled system. The age of Aquarius also none as the age of consciousness, which means that for the next 2000 years we will be waking up and realizing our spiritual being true potential and look has it not already started?? Everyone has woken up to the fact that we cant keep messing up the planet as we are. Since the sixties the shift started...it literary started with a bang....the assassination of JFK in 1963... A week before his assassination he delivered a speech (google JFK speech before assassination) He new about the "secret society" and as president he wanted to expose and eradicate them but we all know what happened next.. Aquarian values have surfaced since the 60's.. We started to realise that we are damaging our ozone lair, we started looking at alternative energy...look how solar, wind, hydro and many other clean energy has evolved since the 60s . The dawn of the Internet was a huge shift , then technology... With the first cell phones that was born in the 80's...Aquarius is about being social....look at websites we have= Facebook,pintrest, instagram. Japan have built a car that runs on water that can go as fast as 250km/hour and one tank can take you as far as 300km. This is all just the beginning of the age of Aquirius....strap in because this ride is going to get crazy for the next 2000 years.

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