Monday, July 11, 2016

I am who I am

This blog is going to sound insane but that's what you gota love about blogging is that you can write how you want , spell how you want and say pretty much anything you want. This is a story of enlightenment and the beauty about this story is, is that my path to enlightenment littarely just started 1 month ago with a fall and I have just touched the surface of this path and I feel that I already am bursting with so much information. All of this I want to put down into a series of blogs.....So first I got fill in the past then work my way to the present then even predict the future, which right now, I can say is possible in this journey.
This is by far the most exciting time of my life and I am 37 years old!!! But I am not going to get anywhere so lets start with a prediction. Be ready cause this is going to sound insane. (after reading this most of you will stop following this blog. To be honest this blog is more for me, I am just posting this information because I am being enlightened and want evidence of my journey- so that people can not say "he wrote this after it happened") They are going to find evidence on Mars of previous civilization. I do not know when, I do not know how, all I know that this is going to happen and when they do..Our level of consciousness and awakening is going to speed up because we are meant to know this information.

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