Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Ancients

Seeeeo if you still reading my blogs after the last one then I am happy because I must sound like a freaking nutcase but this is the problem- there is a world of evil that 95% of this planet does not know about and they chose to have it this way for us not to grow, not to truly find ourselves , these evil men have been getting away with this manipulation for centuries but we are in the age of consciousness and nobody can stop the momentum because we are in the age of awakening. I am telling you guys the next 10 years is going to be mind-blowing. The sooner you start asking the right questions the deeper you want to go down this rabbit hole and it just keeps going and going. So I would love to keep chatting about my last post but we need to get into some history.. You gotta understand that I am not making anything up...This information is what accumulated and have come to understanding through questions I have been asking my entire life(waay before my spiritual journey). I have got so much to ask but I know now what to ask and all the information is right in front of you. It is all at your fingertips right now...
So you guys gotta start looking at the Ancients .. yes the freaking Egyptians, the Annanuki...all of these mother suckers where super clever SPIRITUAL BEINGS just like us! The only difference is they lived on this planet through their spiritual selves...not through their human selves like we do today...When you live through your spiritual self only other spiritual beings are of importance(which is everything and everyone) when you live through your human self, then you live for possessions and self-gratification. The Ancients knew that living in the 3-dimensional world, that a material life will bring you suffering, so they lived through their spiritual selves, grew stronger spiritually for centuries and so created structures that modern technology and engineering can not even come close, even in this day and age...They knew so much and somehow somewhere we just lost that information but it's all there!!! You just need to start asking the right questions - no matter how simple your question is, start asking and direct it to what you want to find out ultimately. I am posting 2 blogs today, 6 hours apart because I feel that I have not given you enough info today and I'm running out of words and you will have to wait until next week so ill see you in 6 hours time for the next post.

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