Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Who am I 2

The Internet is incredible! We can learn anything from how to become professional martial artists to baking a freaking cupcake. You gotta love it! most of us use it for watching youtube funnies, Porn and stalking peeps on FB. This is all good and well, believe me, I used to do just as much of those 3 things than the next person but you need to wake up and use this endless amount of information to see what place we living in. All the information is right here, right now, so it is finally time for me to delve into important information. First, you got to wake up to the fact that war is evil and the people who is causing this war ( that one up in Syria) are the evildoers and it is not ISIS, it is not Islam it is not Arab people. It's a tight nit negative energy that consists of multiple governments across the planet...they have an of keeping the masses under controlling the masses the way they do they promote the 7 deadly sins to do so...this type of control does not honour life! This is another saying and it is the purest of them all. 'THE MOST VALUABLE THING IN LIFE IS LIFE ITSELF'
It's not a cool job a nice house a cool car - IT IS LiFE! People matter, nothing else -This will all come to light as we move further down the rabbit hole. Life is a soul, a SPIRITUAL BEING and we are all connected. When I say we are all connected - I mean like everything is connected! The best way to describe this is to refer to the movie "the matrix" everyone has seen the matrix, If you have not, get on it now because that's just ridiculous to have to tell people that you have not seen the matrix, then stop reading this blog because you already lost me at helloooooo....

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