Tuesday, July 19, 2016

You are Neo

So you are Neo and you have been looking at your space and everything you see is Green 0's and 1's... following last weeks post what conclusion did you come too? Everything is......The same right!? Neo see's those green numbers everywhere. it flows through EVERYTHING ..JUST like what Neo see's is what we are but we can not see(right now) The only difference is, is that in this real life we are not 0's and 1's like a computer program but the best way to walk this journey with me is to imagine yourself in a computer program because it is the best way to illustrate and describe what we as human beings can achieve. We are not 0's and 1's but we are Atom's. molecules and it is in every single thing you are looking at in your space where you are sitting right now. Can you see why it is awesome that they made the movie the matrix, because imagine me trying to explain this stuff with Atoms and molecules- you will be bored in like 10 seconds just like me, I freaking disliked science in school, so freaking boring but now look at it like Neo would and it is much more graphic and interesting.
Now google 'atom molecule' and click on images.. do you see that thing ..ball in the middle with this energy just going crazy around it? that = 0( in Neo drive) that = 1(in Neo drive). Now once again close your eyes and go into "Neo Drive" but instead of seeing green 0's and 1's replace every single 0 and 1 with a Atom. Remember one Atom is a that ball with this crazy crazy crazy energy just moving around it - one of them is a 0 or a 1- close your eyes and look at the chair the desk and see those atoms going absolutely crazy bonckers, now zoom out still in Neo mode and look at your space -everything is going absolutely mental!

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