Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Possibilities are endless

You are still Neo but instead of seeing 0's and 1's, you see Atoms flowing everywhere- in the walls desk even your computer is a bunch of atoms just pushed together in different shapes and densities. it is why we see things in different shapes and sizes but at the end of the day - if you break it all down - it is simply atoms -the same ones that is in your body, is in the chair you are sitting on , in the computer screen you are reading right now... we are all the same - everything single thing is THE SAME- break it down to the most basic form of what you are looking at and it is the SAME basic form of your body, yourself. I hope that this message has gotten through to you because we have only looked into the rabbit hole, we have not even entered the hole yet but it is of great importance that you understand the concept that everything is the SAME and we have the power to connect with every single thing BECAUSE we are the SAME.
Now look at those atoms in Neo mode once again, that energy going around it, is going mental-this is important-pure freaking energy going nuts- we have the SAME atoms going mental inside us in our purest form....which is a SPIRITUAL BEING!!! -see that action go down....Now that energy of that atom means that we can CONNECT with all atoms WhereEVER! There is pure energy in our most simplest form - If we where advanced humans we could connect these atoms with each other- manipulate them just as we please - just like Neo in the matrix - there are atoms billions and billions of atoms between me and you right now- and in an advanced world I could speak to you without saying a word out loud because we are connected with Atoms all over between us- but we CAN'T right now because we have not been trained to tap into this. BUT WE WILL!

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