Monday, July 18, 2016

The matrix

So you know the part where Morfious and Neo have a discussion and Neo says.. "Are you saying I will be able to dodge bullets"... Morfious just drops the casual..."You won't have to" Then there is that final scene where he gets shot with multiple bullets and he just stops it... now that scene, close your eyes and see that scene.. Now see what he sees, the walls, the floor everything, he see's is green zero's and one's EVERYTHING is flowing(important observation-the flow), it just moves green 0's and 1's everywhere, even Neo is green 0's and 1's -his hands his feet- everything! Now open your eyes... where ever you sitting, take a mental picture of what you see in front of you, look at every single thing, look at chairs, tables, clock on wall mirror , bed ....look at it all, make a graphic mental picture of whatever you see, now close your eyes and see the image in your mind, open your eyes if you need to look again , make sure that you get everything in.
Now close your eyes and imagine you are Neo as "the one"....What do you see? Look at your hands, look at your body, look at your feet everything is green 0's and 1's - look at the floor, the walls the chair the desk - its all green 0's and 1's.....this is an exercise with a point coming soon...just keep looking at things in "Neo drive" and see the "flow" see the green 0's and 1's flowing, moving through every single thing you see. It does not stop, it just flows through the chairs the desk - now keep looking at that space in "Neo drive"...what is the main observation you can make from this exercise...whats is the one thing you can say out loud that you notice straight away while watching this space in "Neo drive"? I only write 3 blogs a week, so for now just hold onto that main observation, see you next week.

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