Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Who Am I

So I would love to speed this up but what is the point of going somewhere if you do not know the past, so I need to at least give you that. You gota love this age we live in because we have The Internet. All the information you need to know is free and all you need to do is ask the right questions. Once you ask the right questions Alice, how deep does the rabbit hole go? So lets make use of this free information right now, I am not going babble on who I am, you can simply just google Scheldon Gerstner. You will find loads of information on me with regards to my charity that I run here in South Africa. I am not going to get into that because it is irrelevant to this blog but i need to state one thing about it because once again it was created in a time of turbulence in my life.Once there is turbulence in yours , do not look at it as a curse or misfortune but opportunity to learn from. People have been saying this for years, it just makes sense to me now.
The charity is mainly about bringing FREE computer education to the poor. Why? once again you can google the statistics of our country but my main reason is: There are thousands of untouched geniuses who have the ability to change our world, they are just stuck because our system does not allow them to reach their full potential, so it is of great importance to bring all the FREE information to them AKA the Internet. To guide them, and mentor them and show them the power that they have at their fingertips. Use computer education to change their circumstances. We have 15 million people living under the breadline in S.A, just that sentence alone sounds ridiculous. To arm them with free knowledge is to give them the tools to take their destiny into their own!

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