Monday, July 25, 2016

The mysterious bible

So here we are , the mysterious bible... You know it has taken me years going through it real, is it made up? The problem is...we have been getting bits of information about what happened in the bible times but there are gaps all over the bloody place and as nature has it we are extremely inquisitive, we want to know things, so we ask but now things don't add up and we come to realise, well its cant be true it does not make sense.. the reason why we have that is because there is a so much of information that "the Evil force" does not want to give us, they want to keep us stupid, they want to make us not find our true potential because it gives them ultimate control and power..Believe me we will get into this -on spiritual level these guys have been controlling us for centuries --control spirit and you can control the human it is occupying... So back in the bible old testament there was this dude Moses - freaking crazy awesome powers- like splitting the sea, making food fall from the sky- he was like the Justin Bieber of the old testament- everyone new who he was, not everyone liked him.
Now if you look at the great year..he lived in the age of Aries(the Ram) -now because you have done your homework, the Age of Aries ended round 1 A.D (A.D =the year of the lord aka Jesus) B.C(before Christ) A.C( After Christ)-now we got that our of the way.... After Aries came the age of Pisces (Jesus's age, also known as the age of deception) Understand that "the great year" is a cycle and when one age ends and another starts, that it happens in cycles. A momentum shift does not just jump suddenly from one age to another ..gradually the shift happens.. The age of Aquarius already started in the 60's ...I will get into this in a future blog.

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