Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Great year

So 6 hours ago I just got into the Ancients- everyone knows the basic info about them like they built the pyramids and they had tombs and the Mayan's predicted the end of the world- what a bunch of freaking idiots- they got it wrong! hahaha... That my friends is the wrong answer.. they got it freaking spot on. You have to understand that we do things totally different to them . It's the way we have been pushed for centuries how to live, once again through a dark evil force that I will eventually get into. These guys are starting to loose control and this is the reason why.... So for the next exercise copy and paste this sentence in google "the great year" and click on images- read all about it because I dont want to waste blog time on explaining things that's already been explained a billion times...I know I can just leave a link to click on but jeez guys we are here to be inquisitive..ask your own questions--you know how it go's..once you start googling something it snowballs and you find more answers this way--so go snowballing!
So back to Mayan's predicting the end of the world(as we are lead to believe by this evil force) They predicted the end of the AGE of Pisces! - all they did is look at the spiritual calendar in the sky and it says the year of Pisces will end and the year of Aquarius will start. (every year on the great year calender = 2160 human years). A great year is 25 920 years - now here is where the bible comes in....look you do not have to be a Christian to believe this stuff - but I was brought up as a Christian- My spirituality has grown since then but the cool thing is, I read the bible quite a few times throughout my life and I know things about it. This information I know from the bible clearly has helped me with this quest.

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