Monday, August 15, 2016

3 Cities rule the World

But I'm going to step back one more time before getting into what I have learned, while I was bedridden....I know I have been saying "governments" but you have to understand that these evildoers, this dark force is spread across the globe. There are 3 main places in the world that these guys rule from. They can do pretty much anything they like because they do not have the same rules to the governments that they are part of, so check this out...the 3 main cities are: Italy- Rome(Capital) - Vatican City - In charge of religion.... UK - London(Capital) - The city of London - In charge of the money.... USA - Washington DC(Capital) - The District of Columbia - in charge of the military.... See how each city is actually broken up into two "cities" and 1 district? It is because they do not form part of the actual cities or state! Its like 3 mini separate countries within each city or state(D.C) but you would never know that because they do not advertise it because they do not want you to know that they are separate entities, who make their own freaking rules and have their own seperate laws...
All 3 of these cities are marked by a Pagan symbol, it looks like a vibrator you can't miss it, it's huge(please see picture). Now, this is where we start connecting these guys with the ancients....Since time has been recorded there has been a battle between darkness and light....Yes, that's right, these guys have been coming on longer than you can ever imagine...Before religion, before the pyramids, before some continents were formed. Now, what is a Pagan symbol doing smack bang in the middle of the Vatican? Is the Vatican not like Catholic? Paganism is seen as blasphemes? Yeah, it starts getting real and we are really going to start putting the dots together....there is more to this life people, once we recognize our potential as humans.

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