Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Get out of it!

So ignorance is bliss (syfer- the matrix) In a perfect world( the world I live in) is to have no debt but then you won't drive a nice car or have a sweet comfortable house right? WRONG!!! you can have all of it free of debt...how( and this is so obvious but once again in this world of make believe it is all hidden because they distract us with all the new shiny things that constantly get updated and make ads and say things like "must have" "while stocks last")... It's not going anywhere but they thrive on our panic-stricken way of being human in this day and age The instructions in all religions are simple..." help others before helping yourself" and you will never have to worry about money again....I am walking talking proof of this simple instructions. Ok, I don't own a car or don't own a house ...YET!!!... but I have only been walking this spiritual journey for a year...before becoming so spiritual I was the same like every other person...Every day I would break the seven deadly sins(pride,sloth,greed,lust,envy, Gluttony,wrath) and not to mention the 10 commandments on a daily basis(like lies and stealing from others) When you "Awaken" your spirit, you start looking at the world with your Souls eyes, rather than your human eyes...When you start seeing everything with your soul, you will stop doing the 7 deadly sins and you will stop breaking the ten commandments, No matter how small a lie you want to tell. Your spirit starts communicating with you on a daily basis...and soon(give or take a year) you will no longer think through your human self but start making decisions with spirit self(it is a lenghty process)...your life will improve miraculously....but beggars can't be choosers... It's very hard in this day and age to be content with what you have because of the daily pressures you get from modern society telling you to live a certain way...when you stop living to impress others and start living through your soul (no matter how little you have) then your life will improve...it is going to be extremely hard in the beginning but this is all part of cleansing your spirit...When you start walking the spiritual path then you will loose all your favourite possessions. All the bad things you did to others will come back to you in some or other way...do not see this as punishment but as lessons...you will also lose some close friends or relatives to death...but understand that their death was their path...it had to come to them at that time...what comes to you in that time..is the experience of losing someone close... It makes you appreciate what you have as a spiritual being on this 3-dimensional planet. You have to let go of all earthly things..basically, show God that you do not need anything from this 3D planet to make you happy as a spiritual being...you only need to trust in Him and he will start showing you the narrow path to enlightenment...As a spiritual being, this is your task on planet earth...to try and reach enlightenment.

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