Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So much money

So I do not want to get into the whole thing that we are being controlled. My previous blogs do cover a few points that you can look into and it is your duty to start digging into those FACTS. 911 cover up is FACT.. all the evidence is all around and do you not think it is a bit silly that the towers fell 15 years ago and at the time the "infidels" where in Iran..then they went back to Iraq..then they popped into Afghanistan, then Libia, now Syria...and every time miraculously there is some type of rebels that just pop up...which is obvious because you have been bombing and killing innocent people for 15 FREAKING YEARS! And now they just caught this leader in ISIS who admitted that ISIS is being funded by the Amercains like Hilary Clinton(google it-Wikileaks caught one of the dark force souls but still she is not being prosecuted...the power of the dark Source) WAR is the most profitable way for them making money because these huge fortune 500 USA companies fund both sides of the war like the "carlyle group".
Explaining it in simple terms...Companies make bullets and war machines like jets, missile launchers and tanks. So the American government need to feed their economy(we need a reason...911) but now they need money to buy these "bullets of war" So they go to the Federal reserve bank cause they need money to buy "bullets" from these companies. Federal reserve(private company) says cool, we will loan you $1billion (US government need to pay the interest on that) and they start making money(printing paper). So they get the cash and go to the "bullet makers" and pay them $1billion "Yasies, we have weapons" but no way we not transporting that from US to Arab land-takes time and cost to much. No don't worry we have a sister company over there! awesome. Just let them drop it off for you at your camp...thanks dude. Now the infidels need bullets...oh just buy it from the sister company! Sorted thanks. All that cash goes straight into those that rule us cooperate companies - making the Elite richer and richer and plummeting the US economy in deeper and deeper debt to those that print pieces of paper(the dark source)

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