Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ancient religion

So yesterday's blog finally connects all this info that's going on right now in our world ......but its time to dig into the word we know as "Paganism" Paganism is the ancestral religion of the whole of HUMANITY. This ancient religious outlook remains active throughout the world today. It was the outlook of the European religions of classical antiquity – Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome – as well as of their “barbarian” neighbours on the northern fringes, and its European form is re-emerging into explicit awareness in the modern West.
The word was created in the early forth century by brainwashed early Christians who labelled old traditions as Paganism no matter how Sacred the ancient scriptures where... Our youngest traditions are just very bad copy and paste work from all our ancient traditions... This is why, we that have been brought up as "Christians", have so many so many unanswered questions We have been manipulated, moulded and lied to for centuries as spiritual beings!!! The Dark source knows how to manipulate the human condition to their advantage and so they made us believe over centuries that the youngest traditions are the only truth.... The original Aramaic Bible was still circulating until around the year 325 when the council of Niscea was established...12 chosen members of the Jewish and Roman tradition ...where the "first Christians" who decided what books to keep in the new bible and what books to dispose of.... . Understand that Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt with baby Jesus because there very own tradition that they where born into was HUNTING their child.....then the very same tradition persecuted him and Crucified Him.. These guys never had plans to tell you about Jesus's secret knowledge..the info they where so afraid to get out that they Murdered him! So they made him a Martyr... published a book with 3qaurter Judaism and only a quarter of Jesus's story... There are only 2 apostles stories about Jesus (Matthew and John) Mark and Luke where simply just scholars who studied Matthew and Johns scriptures....that why everything is being repeated....it's the same freaking information These guys could not let you know of all 12 Apostles stories....so they left out 10 and destroyed alot of Ancient original scriptures... But some of these scriptures where saved by the original Christians...Christians who did not have a big house, Christians who could not afford a donkey or horse, Christians who barely could put bread on the table...our originals(the ones we should take knowledge from) Christians determined to not let Jesus's secret teachings die.... true warriors of the slain Jesus.. They saved what they could and re-wrote any information that was destroyed..and went hiding it across their country.... We have been finding more and more of these scrolls especially in the last 2 decades.. The most astounding is "the gospel of Thomas" found 1700 years after the new bible was released by the Council of Niscea It was found in 1947 in a Christian tomb in Egypt and reveals the secret education that he was familiar with...this knowledge Greek name is "gnosis" which translates to "knowledge of self" aka Spirit. Only a spiritual being who is familiar with their spirit self (only reached through meditation) who is familiar with their spiritual energy can heal the sick and walk on water.. An enlightened person at that level will also be extremely familiar with Alchemy("the science of God" about 50 000+years old) and Astronomy... To control the elements without (like walking on water) you need to first master the elements within (EARTH,FIRE,WATER,AIR) "As above so below" and this information is hidden from our modern civilization.

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