Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Understanding Meditation Part 2

So how do we meditate? For beginners the best thing to start meditating is to go on YouTube and find "guided meditation for beginners" This is an excellent way of getting to understand what needs to be done to get into a "meditative" state.. I always meditate with "meditation music"(on YouTube) as it keeps me at a relaxed state of mind . Best place to meditate is to go sit under a tree or by a large body of water or just a quiet place in nature...if this is not possible ..set your alarm for 5pm and go sit on a chair(what I do) or in the "lotus position" on the floor...it would be of great benefit to be outside in fresh air or to sit close to a window that fresh air passes through
Close your eyes and focus on the music playing (earphones is best) and start breathing deeeeep in and out. Thousands of thoughts wants to be prossessed in the day but because you got up early ...your mind is not so active yet and only a few thoughts are circulating.. This is when you start categorizing (mentally put them on a list) and start thinking of each thought individually... The practice is to "calm the mind" so once you have the first thought (that you listed) focused on ...simply breathe in think of the thought buy mentally saying to yourself..." I am aware of you but right now I'm 'switching off' all my thoughts...in about 10 min I'll get back to you but right now I have "spirit" that wants to communicate with me ....so shut it for Abit and soon enough I will come back to you" ....breathe out "the thought" as you say this and get ready for the next thought to come into your mind...repeat the practice over and over again ...many times a thought that you already "switched off" returns again and again but you need to be persistent and switch it back off...you can not receive info from spirit if your mind is still doing the same old routine by thinking of thoughts that are connected to the 3D plane... Simply acknowledge each thought but dont get into detail of thinking about it...as soon as it pops in your head...as you breathe in,acknowledge, and breathe it out... Once you have switched off all thoughts one by one...you will eventually come to a point where your mind will be empty of thought and it is in that specific time that you receive "downloads"

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