Monday, August 29, 2016

Understanding Meditation part 1

The Ancient art of Meditation...has been erased from our most recent modern culture for reasons extremely obvious once you are aware of it's capabilities.. It is the only way to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS...and those that rule us fear the day that we as rightful owners of this planet come to realize the immense knowledge that is gained when practiceing this art on a regular basis... For anyone born in the last 30 years, it's going to be a much tougher challenge to "switch on" spirit (aka meditate) because for the past 50 years(started with TV ) ...the dark Source has been using "frequency control" to manipulate the mind of the masses... It has gotten a hundred times worse since mobile phones was introduced , especially when "texting" became a trend.. What these devices do is "keep your mind occupied...the new recent trend of "scrolling" especially on a platform like FB or what the purpose of frequency control is... Every post on FB or INSTAGRAM is different and your minds concentration span is being conditioned to "get shorter"... When scrolling..your attention is constantly being flipped from one idea, thought, picture or comment to another in an INSTANT...your are "training your mind" not to concentrate to long on a specific idea or thought...and this is the conditioning of a very dangerous mind.... Meditation is about "becoming quiet" "calm the mind" to "switch off all thoughts" that are associated with this 3D materialistic world... Now imagine how hard this must be if your mind has been trained this past 2 decades to switch instantly from one thought to are encouraged to overload your mind with so much "junk info" min by min, hour by hour, day by day, year by year that you are overloading your system.. Best way to describe is to imagine you are a desktop computer that dad just bought for his business... So your dads important documents of setting up the business and many projects are stored on this device.. new ideas are added constantly for the growth of the business.. because ,like most of us, we want to expand our business and become successful... Not to far down the line the rest of the family starts using the computer but this is okay as there is plenty of memory available to store all different type of information and movies and music.. 20 years later...this computer is slow and has multiple viruses on it because so much info has been stored that is no longer relevant and so slows down the system plus it has not been upgraded for 20 years This is very much how your mind works... meditation is like doing a "disk clean up" or getting a technician to service it are getting rid of all the caches and irrelevant data that is no longer of use to you and by doing so you are clearing space for more information that is relevant to the business your dad started... After a service the desktop is working like a brand new computer as the technician can also replace prossessors to speed up the computer.. Like the Internet your mind is connected to a "higher intelligence"...a source of unlimited information... Information that is relevant and of benefit to your eternal and external Growth of your life....the information that can either create your "hell on Earth or "heaven on Earth"... When you overload this computer with so much irrelevant junk you are putting so much strain on your "prossessor" that it is working overtime to figure out what is it that you want it to process that will create your "heaven on Earth" But now you are rather imputing thoughts of Pride,lust,envy,anger,laziness, addiction and greed..that will process info on how to create "hell on Earth"... An "everyday humans" newsfeeds are filled with materialism that promotes the 7 deadly sins...this is the "cancer" that keeps the human race at a submissive frequency.. addiction is a deadly sin and being addicted to "scrolling" is what we know as "frequency control" If your life is "to busy" to create time for meditation..then it is proof that "the dark Source" have succeeded in their quest...they want to make the human race forget about the only technique to "Raise or consciousness" ... In our most recent traditions they never mention for one moment that Jesus meditated...they promote "prayer" = talking, talking, talking...that's like searching the internet by opening up as many tabs as possible , asking a question in each tap and NEVER returning to the tab to read the answer! Jesus was the ultimate master when it came to "becoming quiet"..just before Judas betrayed him...he went for meditating sessions and Everytime he returned from a session all his mates(Apostles)where sleeping......when the devil came to visit him when he was roaming in the wilderness for 40 days....they quickly popped over to Jerusalem to go stand on a temple and Jesus was dared to jump off... then boom suddenly they on top of a highest mountain and the devil says he will give him all the kingdoms that he can see from that view ... do you think the devil came there with a backpack and tent and the 2 of them travelled together to go take on all the challenges?

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