Monday, September 5, 2016

A bit of Africa

In 23 days I will be on my way into Africa...I live in Cape Town, South Africa and it will be my first time venturing into this Gigantic continent. Now for those who do not know and I can understand that it can be confusing is that South Africa is a country on it's own. SOUTHERN AFRICA includes the following countries : South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho and Swaziland( the last 2 countries mentioned are very very tiny countries within South Africa) The reason for this mission is because of my new found spiritual path that I have discovered. The better way to put it, is that my spirituality let me discover it. My destination is Tanzania(just below Kenya,North Africa). I have managed to get a ride all the way up to the Namibian/Angola border. From there I will make my way towards Zambia and Botswana via foot, hiking and public transport. These past few months( since the fall) I have come to realize that we have been molded and shaped to absolutely rely on a piece of paper(money) to get us stimulated throughout our entire existence.
My spirituality taught me to let go of this silly, ridiculous thought and ever since stress and anger and worry has become feelings that I seldom use. Do not get me wrong, I have not become one of those beings that suddenly going to say screw the system and not work anymore and go live on the streets and become a bum. What I have learned is to break away from the way society presides things. We have been told all our lives to do the 16 year study route-spending thousands on food, clothes, school fee's, university fee's just to get you through the "basic steps" of society driven life( school 12 years, college average 4 years). By the time you 22 you need to start working of your study debt that will make you a slave to....

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