Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Change your outlook

The debt system for at least another 8 - 10 years, that's if you finally get the job you have been wanting to get since your studies. At around 24 it is time to invest in your own car(not mommy's present when you where 18). This will get you onto the car "wheel" where every 5 years you get yourself a new car but its never yours because you constantly just paying the car off until in 5 years when you get the next car and so on and so on. Oh don't forget at about 26 it is about that time to think to start settling with that special person. So now the 2 of you want to have that expensive wedding...so you start taking credit from your credit cards just making you a longer slave to the debt system. Oh you need to think of that house you guys where talking about.
Mortgage plan will kick in soon. Oh but I want to go on holiday, well work gives you time off for 2 weeks the entire ffeaking year, and people still think this is like a privilege to have such FREEDOM(brainwashed) Even before my spiritual path I knew there was something wrong with this, the only difference is, I no longer have fear. I no longer worry about making that x amount for the month. I have learned that to cover your basics for the month(rent and food) is all you need and the rest will come to you in abundance when your mindset and spirit is in the right place. It is a terrible catch 22 because the way we have been forced to live does not allow your mindset and spirit to find the "right Place" but once you do have the opportunity to change your outlook....

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