Saturday, December 31, 2016

My spiritual journey 1

It's 9:10 am on the last day of 2016... I have not blogged for a while that's because since October I have been "Trekking through Africa to help those in need" (FB page name). Please be so kind to catch up on my journey -it includes an attack on me by 6 men on the 11th October( the day after my dad died) and takes you through to present day where I am busy building a sustainable bartering system for the poor and those in need. It's been a road of Adventure and new discovery not just in the whole travelling experience but also within myself. I have grown so much spiritually that my path has become more in finding God. The more I educate myself with teachings of Hinduism, Christianity, Gnostic(Greek -means knowledge of self) and look at the Gospels that have been left out of the Bible, the more it is evident that so much information is being withheld from the masses. Every person should know the truth. Mainstream media like the history channel and our education system make ancient teachings sound like of no insignificance importance....yet our history dates back almost 300 000 years with a human race that built structures that we can not even replicate today(with our modern resources) in the same time that they did it. Structures that are aligned with the precession of the equinoxes. The Sumerians left us almost 500 000 oven baked clay tablets....only 20% have been translated so far and the information is all about our true history. There have been thousands of scriptures discovered about our origin but yet our main source in this day and age is the BIBLE. I mean come on man, it's one book that just sums everything up for you that happened in our entire existence as human beings? In 325 AD(AD stands for "year of the lord" we still in that "year) The "first council of Nicea" was established. It was a handful of Christian bishops......

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