Sunday, January 1, 2017

My spiritual journey 2

.....who created Christian laws, who determined what scriptures must be included and excluded in the bible. They only included scripture of when Jesus was born and when he started preaching at 30?? What about the rest of his early life? The scriptures are there on how he traveled on the old silk road into India and Tibet. Jesus just did not wake up at 29 one day and go " Oh wow I can heal the sick" no Dude...Jesus was just like you and me.... Gnostic's dates back 2000 years and Jesus studied Gnosis. He also studied Hinduism( Krishna was not an idol, he was a person just like Jesus) and lived 2200 years before Jesus.... After Krishna a guy we know as Budda lived...Jesus also studied Buddhism(Buddha was a person just like Jesus) which was 400 years before was born. The first council of Nicea fails to mention in any of their scriptures that Krishna, Buddha, Horus(Egyptian), Mithras(Roman) and Jesus have all similar birth stories and healing and walking on water stories and many many more stories that is the same as Jesus's story?!? Yet all of them were before Jesus? In the year 325 the council took hold of religion, molded Jesus's story with all the other holy beings. Don't get me wrong, Jesus is my idol and he did freaking amazing things.He was a true master of meditation( bible uses the word prayer) just like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus was plugged into God and the universe.....and by the way, Jesus is not his real name.. his real name is Yeshua(salvation). There is so much history that if people knew about it, we as a human species would have transcended like our Ancients and like Jesus... but instead, we are ruled by an evil force that promotes Greed, lust, pride, Envy, addiction, laziness and WAR... Our entire Monetary system is a pyramid scheme, yet pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries?!? This world that we live in is where the majority live in poverty and the minority live in is that a fair system to all of us....where a minority do not have to work yet most of us need to grind away 40 hour weeks and the majority simply can not fit in the system because there is just limited space for jobs... Then they want us to all pay for education, yet to get "qualifications" to get a is that fair to those in poverty? Billions and Billions of people are suffering under this system. "The white picket fence syndrome" has infected the masses and has taken us away from our true purpose on this planet....

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