Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jesus..The hurtful truth 2

... in the blanks by inserting previous God's life stories.... so how can the bible be honest truth?! We have to question!!! If anything, do you think Jesus would like his legacy to be based on lies!?! NOOOOOOO!!!! He would want us as his followers to find out the truth about Him. They used this incredible, unbelievable, most influential SPIRITUAL being to their advantage and based his origins on religious scriptures over a period of 6000 years....We were conned into believing so much about Jesus. So who was he really? Take away the Dogma and you come to realize that although there are so many lies about his life...there is so much scripture and testimonials that you can find in the Bible and that has been left out of the Bible, that portrays an incredible man! He was so connected to God just like Horus, just like Buddha, just like Krishna...they all existed in different time periods and they all had the same message. That there is a God!!!!!........................ and their teachings show us the way in finding GOD as SPIRITUAL BEINGS, not human beings.. We live in an age where information can no longer be hidden...You know..I have been brought up a Christian all my life and when I think back about how I thought about the Bible...I always saw it as a "fairy tale" and a boring read...especially in the beginning where this person is the son of and the son of and the son of...When I read about miracles it once again did not sound real and also Jesus's Crucifixion..... I mean here you get a dude who can go into the desert for 40 water...I mean that is just amazing. The bible says that he did it through ..amazing... but have you ever tried to pray for 10 min?how difficult is that? what else do you have to say out loud after an hour? ...yet if we look at Tibetans and those that study Buddhism and meditation that 40 days is pretty average.

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