Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A quick history

Not long after that, I broke up with the girl and finally I felt free again...although it was an amazing experience, I told myself that I would never put myself or a future partner in a position like that especially if there are kids involved. The next 7 months were some of the best memories of my life...I remained in my home town and started working on a farm for R700($50) a week..Tobi and Adel where my new found friends and we lived a life of awesomeness. We where inseparable. They called us the tripod. They where a couple and I was the lone wolf but together we were amazing...we worked on this unethical guys farm, fixing things up and creating a paintball business...It was days of living in our shorts, no shirt, no shoes(too hot) and spending our off time next to the river...I loved those days...I had nothing but I had everything...but our time together was cut short when the employer decided to fire all of us on a Sunday...that same day Tobi's parents came to pick them up...I remember crying like a baby. I started looking for work again and found a job in Tulbagh. A manager for a restaurant. Restaurant work was my bread and butter in London and I was and still am damn good at it. After 8 months I was "stolen" by another dude that had a pizza place and asked me to go help him open one up in Stellenbosch. These dudes made me work 13-hour shifts 7 days a week...just too much and after months of abuse and negative energy, I finally got out of there and moved to Cape Town...Best move possible --it was here when I got a job at a restaurant (societi Bistro) and finally found my groove again. I gained so much weight in this "limbo" time but lost it all when I started waitering again. As mentioned I love that job...loved it so much that I ended up .....

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