Friday, January 27, 2017

Your soul is the answer to everything

...Mathematics , science, languages is important if you want to become a pilot or scientist or interpreter but how does that give you the most basic needs of staying alive?? First teach people how to look after themselves(food and shelter) before you introduce these extra things..once they got those basic sorted then bring on the rest! If people do not have to worry on how to produce their own food or make their own furniture and homes then there will be no stress, no desperateness...Things that come naturally to you, do not stress you out. It clears your mind to focus on other things..things that can improve your quality of life. We do not have to live according to the rules of society because no longer do we have to pay for information. You can do it all yourself...stop thinking that you are incapable and just try to do something yourself. If you cant , take a free course is as simple as that... Have an idea? then research it via youtube and get inspired to do it yourself...We all know the saying 2 minds or better than one...what about billions of ideas and minds(Internet) infused with yours? You have the power..stop falling for the classic 5- 18 years old(school), college(to 25), partner(26- 30) , marriage(30- 45) . You will ask "so how must we do it"? That is already something a sheep would say..think for yourself, follow your heart and do what you love. Passion will bring success! connect with your soul.... Your soul can be your guide to the most amazing life that you could ever imagine..We where conned for the past 1700 years to not listen(connect) to our souls..because that would make us as individuals uncontrollable.. They made it out that meditation is an odd practice for weirdo's, labeling it as satanic or as blasphemy..yet the greats that we know..including Einstein and Nicola Tesla all connected with tier souls and they are seen as genius...

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