Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the start of ideas

..... just one but multiple persons at a time. I was very cocky at the time, thinking that soon enough I will be my own boss, running my own business. This was a mindset that came from a first world country. Soon I came up with the concept "S.A extreme tours". A 2 week high octane, travel experience through South Africa, where my clients would be bungy jumping, shark diving, sky diving and many many more adventures. I studied to become a tour guide(hard) and in 6 months I achieved my goal but classic apartheid Karma came to bite me in the arse. Because of the color of my skin I could not get a loan to start my business. Thats right! White skin = no loan . I needed a black partner but because I had just returned from the U.K, I had no immediate black friends that I could ask and trust to go into business with. My dark years kicked in at 29/30....no job and I started dating a girl with 2 kids..I became the baby sitter and she worked at spur to bring in money. It was the toughest time of my life but there was light in those dark days. The Internet always fascinated me and when the kids went off to school, I did online courses to empower myself with knowledge. I learned how it all worked...how google made money and how social media was revolutionary..it was all intriguing and inspiring....soon I started learning CSS and HTML and wanted to build my own website.. I lived in the same town as my mom and I would run to her almost every day and tell her what I learned....then one day my mom gave me an idea to think about...with my new found passion and my moms concept I came up with an insane idea called spacebooks(first name imillibook)...This Idea to this day is still on my back burner and one day I will build it and it will empower thousands of people.

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