Friday, January 20, 2017


....she was amazing though to me...she gave me a book with empty pages and told me to write down all my ideas ---this book I still own today. It is filled with ideas ( ideas for websites) that is to empower the masses rather than to make money from the masses. These ideas range from social media platforms to websites that are purely created to fund free education and to fund poverty on a mass scale. My days as a waiter ended on the 6 December 2015...I took a month and traveled to America and Canada for the second time that year( money is good when waitering) I remember when returning how fresh and ready I felt for 2016. It was going to be my year. In October 2015 I already started with offering personal training classes to my neighbors. I never finished my studies on it but it has been part of my existence and I was and still am very good at it. It was a hard life because I charged my clients half of the regular cost...I thought this was only fair because I did not actually have qualifications for being a personal trainer. I could barely cover my rent and food for the month but my quality of life longer did I have to waste my thoughts and energy on making someone else successful. Most of my time I spent focusing on making my charity sustainable and the rest of the time I did odd jobs for cash in hand and personal training to pay my way. From January 2016 till June 2016 I was campaigning to launch my charity in Khayelitsha( Cape Town's largest informal settlement). The stress and constant thought that I was going to fail was present the entire time....Until that fateful day June 3rd 2016. I wrote about this day in my previous blogs but what I did not know at the time that that was the day that I was re-born....

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