Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jesus...The hurtful truth!

One thing that I have learned from my studies and research is that you got to check and re-check facts. The more you do so the more you realize that there are so much lies....for hardcore Christians it will probably be the most difficult thing to comprehend but once you understand that there where entities waay back then (1 700 years give or take) that deliberately went out of their way to make biblical laws, to destroy scriptures to leave gospels out and to mold a book like the bible that is only half truth...and then add the law...the bible is the one and only truth and when you question it, it is seen as blasphemy!.. How many thousands of biblical scriptures have been found hidden in cavities, caves and pottery like the dead see scrolls...you will find that they all date back round the first to the fourth century, WHY?!? Because those people back then new about these law makers, politicians and so called priests.... They knew that if they did not write and hide these scriptures that the story about Jesus and his true teachings would be lost to human kind. Here are a few so called facts about Jesus yet 4 other major religions have similar facts. Jesus 1. BORN A VIRGIN = Egyptian God Horus (3000 BC) + Persian God Mithras (1200 BC) + Indian God Krishna (2200 BC) 2. BORN ON DECEMBER 25 = Horus + Mithras + Attis (Greek God 1200 BC) + Dionysus (Greek God 500 BC) 3. STAR IN THE EAST = Horus + Krishna 4. 12 DECIPLES = Horus + Mithras 5. PERFORMED MIRACLES = Horus + Mithras + Krishna + Dionysus 6.BAPTIZED/MINISTRY AT 30 = Horus 7. CRUCIFIED = Horus + Attis 8. DEAD FOR 3 DAYS = Horus + Attis + Mithras 9.RESURRECTED = Horus + Attis + Mithras + Krishna + Dionysus The similarities between Buddhism and Christianity leaves another question mark...He lived about 400 years before Jesus and yet their teachings are extremely similar Things start to make sense when you realize that they did not have social media back then to follow every single person's journey. They simply just filled.......

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