Friday, January 6, 2017

The origins of charity

.......that does not question this out loud? There are other life has been a learning journey and the more I study spirituality the more I come to realize that I have been trained right up to this moment...its a huuuge mindfuck(pardon the french) when I realize why I have been chosen to take this path? My earliest thoughts of trying to help people span back about 10 years ago...I was 27, working as a car rental agent..I had just returned from the U.K(after almost 10 years there) I was driving and got to a traffic intersection. There where tons of people standing on the corner putting their hand out for work(mostly trade workers, a common practice in S.A)..I would see them daily standing there...Sometimes there would be more than a hundred people....This vision saddened me...especially since I have been living in a first world country for so long. In the streets of London it was a different story..besides the fact that most homeless where white, they also had it cushy...they could go on the doll(earn 80 pounds a week) and there are so many out reach programs...I also found that many where just freaking lazy and chose to live that way. In S.A(Africa) it is different....huge numbers of people are desperate to work...I remember in-visioning me picking all of them up with a huge truck, taking them to a piece of land and i would imagine all of them building houses(shortage in S.A) but there would be structure to it.....I imagined having 10 experienced builders on the job...each builder would micro manage each government house being built...By doing so 10 houses would go up at the same time, tackling our problem of house shortages in S.A. I in-visioned charities coming in on a daily basis feeding them breakfast and lunch as they worked away on these plots...that was my first thought for helping those in need....from there it started growing and growing and I would come up with ideas to help not......

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