Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A BROKEN system

I could not move and once again my computer (world of information) came to my rescue.....Soon after starting to meditate I started this blog (The age of consciousness)..4 months after starting with meditation I was heading, only equipped with a backpack, out into Africa to start my spiritual path..once you "awaken" there is no turning back...you will find yourself researching and studying....not just about spirituality but about things that affect the human race. No longer does "modern society rules and regulations" apply to you because they just do not make sense anymore like they used to....When they don't.... you start asking more questions about our history and you find out more about the global control through politics and religion...I started this blog because of these studies... My curiosity started in 2012 already BUT it amplified 10-fold when I started meditating and I can only hope to awaken more to the horrors of this world. Meditating is about aligning with your soul(Astro body). When you align your Astro body with your physical body you start focusing more on things that you can not see, hear, touch, smell and taste...but more about the qualities of feeling...love, compassion and empathy for others...You focus on Qualities that are relative to the human race and completely eradicate qualities that feed the Modern day society. We are molded since the day of our birth to look after yourself and then your family and it stops there...We are constantly reminded that we need to compete against each other, rather to stand together. The current BROKEN system divides us up in race, educational and social status. The BROKEN system leaves 3 billion in poverty and another 4 billion slaveing away to pay their bills that societi created.... Why are we paying for education? why are we following the rules of the educational system? Should there not be a system that actually teaches people valuable qualities...like how to grow and produce food for your family and how to build shelter and houses...

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