Thursday, January 19, 2017

My charity in Cape Town was a failure

Doing it for 4 and a half years......In 2012(end of the age of Pisces according to the Mayan calender) I started my charity called "the imilli Project" .....pronounced eye-miley....milli is short for million and i stands for internet ..... use the Internet to connect with millions to raise awareness and potentially empower millions via the Internet. I struggled for 4 years to set it up but only managed to empower 5 boys with ice hockey training...3 of them got their provincial colors but I never managed to set up the rest of my charity which was mainly FREE computer classes set up in townships. I tried but failed time and time again...i think I mentioned this( I did fall on my head..soooo I forget things:) ) point that I was trying to make in the past 2 posts is that my charitable efforts started evolving from 2012 .....most of my energy was put into waitering and with that comes a lot of late nights and don't forget a lot of partying....We finished at 1am and still wide awake at that time came with the territory The problem with that was is that it affected my charitable efforts because although I wanted to make it happen ...inconsistency played a huge eventually subsided(tired of doing the same thing every night) but it was tough to work till 1am then get up at 6 or 7 to hit the streets and promote my charity. This started in 2014 party days where over and I was getting over waiting as well that I really started focusing more on getting out of it....So my energy and mind and free time was focused on my charity but as much as I focused on it....going to work at 5pm everyday for 6 days a week was tiresome. In 2012 I started dating this girl who came to Societi on a regular was a good relationship...I loved this girl but unfortunately she did not love herself at the time and it affected our relationship

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