Thursday, January 5, 2017

All religions have truth in them

...Buddhist monks (enlightened beings) are known to go into meditation for years even it so bad to give it thought that in Jesus's travels to the east that he studied Hinduism and Buddhism?!? Does this not give it more of a tangible story? The Bible tells us about his birth ( just like Horus) then they jump 30 years( just like Horus)? We know as human beings "practice makes perfect" Jesus devoted his life to his practice...he loved to travel, he loved to be connected to God and if you study Alchemy (Gods science), Gnostic(knowledge of self), Sanatana Dharma(means "the eternal Path"- earliest form of Hinduism) and Buddhism you will know that meditation was and is the shortest route. I don't want to take anything away from Christianity because there are millions that believe that the practice is the way to salvation and it is if you are devoted to Jesus and God but we are all not built the same... Every single person is unique but it has been forced upon us to obey the schooling, uni and college system...I am living proof that the schooling system failed me.. I finished my school with a C-....making me think that I am stupid to everyone else...I am not stupid, I just cant learn things like your average person has been forced too. How many billions of children have gone through the same trauma? We are being set up for failure and we have not even started living.... When you look at all these systems and rules and regulations...soon you realize that it just works for a minority, yet the majority live in poverty... Hypothetically speaking...if you were president of the world and you had good intentions, would you not have structures and rules and regulations that benefited the majority NOT the minority? People will argue well there is not a one world government (yet)....but every single country on this planet is subject to being ruled by a pyramid scheme monitory system...I do not understand that there is not one person in power or has status......

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