Sunday, September 24, 2017

Where we come from part 2

So my last blog...I moved away where we come from but gave you info on how we are being controlled by frequency. First you have got to understand that reincarnation is very very real but the powers that be used modern religion (Christianity + Islam) to control you away from this reality to make you vibrate at their frequency for eternity... All religions including the origins of the Jewish religion supports is found in tons of sacred and ancient scriptures. You must all understand that satan and hell is man made...I only used it in my previous blogs to make those who only know it in their reality understand what it is to vibrate at a lower frequency. We are all spiritual beings..we have always been and we shall always remain can not be destroyed (proved by Albert Einstein) All of us are energy,you can not be destroyed only transform and that is what reincarnation transform time and time and time again and you have been doing so ,since the beginning of time. The big bang happened billions of years ago but there where multiple big bangs in one universe and there are multiple universes..why we can not see this as logic is because you are thinking in "human"... Think as " spirit" then it makes much more sense.. Stop thinking with what your brain on this planet(3 dimensional) perceives as logic. You are more, you have always been more, the answers lay within you...connect to spirit to find yourself as a spiritual being. You as a spiritual being had a choice before you came to planet where told by God that planet earth is a planet of "free will" basically anything as a spiritual being said that this will be an easy ride human you will be asleep but you need to awaken yourself as spirit as you grow from a baby to an adult... Millions of us have been reincarnated over and over again. As a human you started over countless times (for 300 000 years) It is only a few that awaken to the truth of spiritual self...once we transsend back to our spirit self...we will be teased by the other billions of spiritual beings about our time on this will go something like " thought you said you will nail it on your first go...its only taken you 300 000 years☺ I will explain how...example: a murderer and rapist human being Cause and effect rules in spirit world and in human world...for every action there is reaction.. Positive action..will get a positive reaction. Negative action will get a negative reaction. A murder and rapist that killed+ rape someone will get a negative reaction by most likely ending up in jail.. Example: a reaction to his action he will probably get raped over and over again in human form. In spiritaul form he will be reborn as a example: white privileged girl..grows up in a nice the age of 6 she is raped and abused by her uncle at the age of 9 her mom is murdered in front of her... Understand the "cause and effect" when he was a rapist he caused suffering... When he was reincarnated as a white girl he experienced the same suffering he inflicted in his previous life...karma= cause and effect. You need to wake up to this when you vibrate at a lower frequency you = effect = you will attract lower frequency So when you will be lied to ..when you steal...things will be stolen from you.. When you complain about stuff you vibrate at a low frequency... And so low frequency things will happen to you...example.. You just complained about your neighbours being noisy = effect= it will happen again Solution that you see = scream and shout across the fence and tell them how annoying they are = effect= they will do it again. Proper solution: put yourself in that persons shoes, example ..young vibrant tween with many friends... When approaching that person with a pure heart and understand that he/she was just excited to celebrate something that day. Ask the person how they are(comes from a genuine place) and ask about their evening...once you listened then tell them your experience of that night BUT do it with a good heart and explain that you understand that they had to celebrate and it sounded like so much fun but in future just please to be conscious about the fact that you have a baby to look after..= effect= friendship and understanding of each other Pride,gluttony,wrath,sloth,lust,envy,greed needs to be faught spiritually every day of your the beginning it is extremely tough to fight just one ..let alone 7.. Just like going to the gym ..its all about training... Training your mind slowly but surely and slowly but surely you awaken more and more It took me a year to get to this level ..its not that long when you live for 80+years💜

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