Friday, February 15, 2019

Where we come from part 1

Have you ever heard the saying "we come from the stars" is true, we all come from the stars and I will tell you how. If you are religious in any way, especially Christian, then this will be hard to take in but I want you to just relax and listen to what I need to say...its not new information...all of this info is found across the planet from tons of cultures and also from the oldest religion that is known to man namely Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana Dharma(translate= "the internal way") is a ancient sacred practice that stems from our first civilizations. Our first civilizations stretch as far as 300 000 us, these guys where in human form but they did not live through human thought, they lived through their spirit...and when everyone lives life through spirit then civilization will evolve in its purest form. That is why we can not achieve what our ancients achieved(example: to this day,with all the tech in the world, we still can not replicate the pyramids with such precision and build it at the speed they did)... The powers that be ...tells you aaawh it is not of importance.. They tell us 'not to listen to our parents" what happens when you dont? You become disobedient, you become rebellious, you start hanging out with the wrong people, soon you are in a life of crime... Our civilization has been living a life of crime for 2000 years. Yesoah tried to warn us,they killed him...and ever since we have been vibrating at a low frequency... When you do, you attract low frequency.. Laws of attraction We have been vibrating on the same frequency for the past 2000 years and when humanity vibrates at our current frequency then we have what we have on our planet today: 3.9 billion starving (half of population=less than $2 a day) War, murder, lies, rape, abuse Sickness, sadness, suffering. We as a human race have been controlled by frequency control. You can not see is a spiritual battle every day and every day we loose to ego(known as the 7deadly sins) (The following is only one example of each sin, there are tons of ways how you loose to them every day) Pride = look at me and what I have achieved by gathering all these material things. Sloth = I will lay in front of the TV and watch mindless programs to keep me asleep Wrath = peeeep, this freaking pedestrians are making me late for work. I hate them all! Greed = I already have so many likes on Instagram, I am popular and famous, I can take a more beautiful pic of myself so that I can get more!! Gluttony = I am not addicted to Facebook, I just need to see what others are doing, I'll talk to you when I'm done. Envy = ooh the new phone is so freaking sweet, everyone has one except me, I need to get one! Lust = can't wait to be alone on the Internet later, I wish I could screw 2 girls at the same time like they do in porn You are being fed the 7 deadly sins every day through frequency control... You are being controlled by your ego... We can not evolve from this frequency, but like the movie the matrix says...ignorance is Bliss When you are born into such a world, it is all you know and all you ever to change , you don't know what to change to, you have no idea what is classified as a higher frequency... It has never ever been presented to you keep your frequency because you have a nice car and home. The change will start from those who suffer most and eventually it will spill over to those who suffer least (which are the people with possessions and status)

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