Sunday, September 24, 2017

Where we come from part 3 (read part 1 and 2 first)

so now that you understand reincarnation and cause and effect(Karma) its time to tell you where you are from.. God(prime creator)..I am not referring to the "extension God's" portrayed in the most recent traditions... God was an implosion(big bang) of pure love....There is energy all around you right now that the human condition can not quite comprehend at this time...yet it is the very same energy that keeps you alive .. The energy you are breathing in and out is PRIME CREATOR...IT IS AN ENERGY...IT IS THE PURE LOVE OF PRIME CREATOR KEEPING YOU ALIVE RIGHT NOW!...not an old man,with a white beard sitting in the clouds....that sounds more like the extension God's that created us about 300 000 years ago These guys story is spread across civilizations all across the planet ...these past 2 decades so many scriptures have been translated and no matter which continent it came from it tells the same story over and over again This information over the next 10 years being educated to the masses will see the fall of all the young most recent traditions... Our creator God's....a fued amongst brothers have been hidden from us... These 2 had different visions for the human for control and the other for liberation.....These God's although also had a physical body ..they vibrated in higher dimensions... vibratiing within those dimensions you as a spiritual being are a subject to being able to use the energy available in those dimensions....hense you could manipulate those dimensions on a spiritual level The *missing link" that they never will find unless they look at our Ancients and start listening to what they have said for 100dreds of 1000sends of years! The "Good brother" could not do anything AT THE TIME to stop his "evil brother" from enslaving the human race so when he manipulated the DNA...he insured to not remove any DNA but just to DE-ACTIVATE 10 strands of DNA and left us with the 2 strand double helix DNA... For thousands of years the evil brothers plan was in will find that he still rained in the old testament The Good brother..had to do something to spark humanity so He sent his only Son....his son(AN ENERGY) time and time again reincarnated on Earth through the ages of different cultures and religions (Krishna, Horus , mythras, Jesus) to help ACTIVATE the other 10 strands of DNA! We have come to a point in civilization where the entire Universe is in line and we are being watched by billions and billions of spiritual beings across the universe who are in waaaaay higher dimensions than our pathetic 3Dimensional reality...they have transended eons ago to higher dimensions and are sitting at the front of their seats watching the "awakening" of planet Earth...the planet of "free will"...a planet that "anything goes" on a spiritual it negative energies running this planet or positive energies.... I can tell you now that the new Earth has started...We are going to see some crazy stuff happen in the next decade... our Ancestors will be returning at the time that most humans have "awakened" as the current human condition is still not familiar with the takeover... It's time for the good brother to return ...the brother that Jesus speaks about in our youngest tradition but only once the human condition vibrates at a higher understand the frequency of LOVE..our current condition can only comprehend a very small portion of love ...and it's connected to the 3D love for family ,friends,animals, plants, and spouses There is so much more connected to the love frequency but you can only start transmuting it once you have connected to spirit within (via meditation) ITS TIME TO SWITCH ON THE CHRIST WITHIN YOU💜

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